About Bright

Since inception in 1985, Bright Headphone Electronics Co. has been dedicated to manufacturing and selling high-quality headphones. Developing their first wireless headset in 1988, Bright was one of the first to introduce wireless audio technology to the rest of the industry. Over 30 years later Bright continues to innovate, now offering a diverse range of wired, infrared, bluetooth, and noise cancellation products to their customers all around the world.

Bright’s success over the years can be attributed to their excellent customer service, tight quality control, a proactive R&D team, and by providing customers with the most cutting edge technology at an affordable price. Their products are available for sale through both wholesale and retail channels and even offer customizable solutions such as re-branding options, design flexibility, diverse color selections, and several packaging styles upon request.

Bright also specializes in ODM manufacturing with over 30 years experience working with world-famous brands.

OEM/ODM Clients